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Pizza My Heart
117 E. San Carlos St., San Jose
11am-midnight daily

Even if you despise surfers and their ilk, you'll still admire the surfing memorabilia covering the walls at Pizza My Heart, left over from its Pizza-A-Go-Go days. Along with the surf city decor, the East Coast-style hand-tossed pies here are downright tasty. You'll find eclectic, well-seasoned slabs for no more than $3. And the staff will warm up any slice you order. A combo slice together with a glass of Budweiser is only $5--or, if you want to go Mediterranean style, order a Greek salad along with a slice of pesto and a drink: a bargain at $5.75. The joint even provides individual shaker jars of chile peppers, oregano, basil, herbal salt and more. The only problem arises when you try to cut your slice with the plastic knives and forks provided, as the paper plate tends to slide around mercilessly when you do so.

But as a place to grab a quick slice, Pizza My Heart seems perfect for the students, paramedics and corporate types who frequent the neighborhood. It's also a good spot to slurp down a $9 pitcher of Heineken outside while watching passersby on San Carlos Street.

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From the January 16-22, 2003 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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