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Pyramid Remodel

By Stett Holbrook

THE TIRED ol' food pyramid is scheduled for a much-needed overall. Last week, the U.S. departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services released their new dietary guidelines, the first revision in five years. More far-reaching than many expected while falling short for others, the recommendations acknowledge a damning fact about us Americans: we're too fat.

Ever on the cutting edge, the feds have concluded that eating too many calories and sitting on the couch is bad for you. They recommend greater physical activity, more fresh fruits and vegetables (canned juices don't count) and low- and nonfat dairy products. Although the guidelines don't say how much is too much, they also recommend reducing trans fats, those deadly hydrogenated oils found in so much of the convenience foods we eat. Although the guidelines may be common sense for many, the government's stamp of approval on them will likely lead to changes in school lunch programs, the place where a lot of bad eating habits begin.

This spring the departments are set to release the revamped food pyramid, the shape of which is likely to change to some other geometrical shape as the government abandons the carb- and calorie-heavy model of old.

Giant Melting Cheese Restaurant Headed for S.J.

San Jose is home to the Tech Museum, the Winchester Mystery House and the Sharks. Soon it will boast an outpost of the nation's largest fondue restaurant. Construction is under way at 72 S. First St. on the Melting Pot, a 5,500-square-foot fondue-themed restaurant that's part of an 80-location chain based in Tampa, Fla. The restaurant is set to open early this year.

"It's a romantic place; it's a family place; it's a place where everyone can relax and reconnect. Whether it is a special night out for two, or bonding time for the whole family—our restaurant layout was designed with those considerations in mind," oozes Nancy Avila, owner of the San Jose restaurant.

In addition to lots of molten dips for entrees and desserts, the restaurant will include a large, temperature-controlled glass wine room as its focal point. The restaurant will also have a full liquor bar.

Dine About Town in P.A.

Monday is your last chance to take advantage of Palo Alto's Dine About Town event. A number of restaurants including Gordon and Biersch, Stoa, Il Fornaio, Osteria and Spago Palo Alto are offering great deals on prix-fixe meals. Go to paloaltodowntown.com for more information.

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From the January 19-25, 2005 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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