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Cheap Eats


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Mission Ale House
97 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose
11am-2am daily

WE'LL NEVER know just how inebriated San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Jeff Garcia was when he audibled his way out of Mission Ale House and straight into jail on a DUI charge last week. But Mission's business hasn't leveled off in the slightest bit. Corporate types and hard-hats continue to roll in for the Tri-Tip Sandwich, Mission's lunch special on Thursdays. Priced at market, the sandwich tips the scales around $8 on a good day. In these colder times, it goes great with two pints of Molson Canadian.

Another happening choice used to be the Ron Gonzales Burger, named after San Jose's dear mayor. But on the current menu one finds a stamp proclaiming: "SOLD OUT. Now available @ Santana Row." The menu also describes the burger as "tasteless and overdone with lots of extra cheese."

There's also the Redevelopment Agency Blues Burger ($7.75). According to the menu, the burger won't take very long, unlike Downtown's redevelopment. Apparently one bitter ex-bar manager had it out for our fair city.

Mission is also the latest establishment to jump on the Pabst Blue Ribbon bandwagon. They added the classic cheap American beer late last year and pints are $3. Throw in a herd of drunk jocks screaming all the wrong lyrics to AC/DC songs and you've got a perfect college bar with decent-priced sandwiches. Just make sure to gobble up some Altoids before hitting the road afterward.

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From the January 22-28, 2004 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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