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Beat Street
By Todd S. Inoue

[whitespace] New Morty Show
Happy Birthday Gang: The New Morty Show helps the Agenda celebrate Jan. 22.

Sugar Shock:
Go-Nuts wreak havoc at Lookout! party

THE WEEKEND-LONG 10th-anniversary party for Lookout! Records (Jan. 9-11) was filled with highlights (the Sunday karaoke session in particular). The second night, however, was a low light for the host club, Slim's, and anyone with nice clothes. Joining the Mr. T. Experience, the Smugglers, the Phantom Surfers and the Criminals were the controversial Go-Nuts. Some clarification is in order: the Go-Nuts' "snack rock" gimmick involves the praise of empty calories. The climax of its set, which has gotten the group banned in many clubs, features some dancing gorillas who dump Costco-sized bags of snack food into industrial air cannons and turn them on the audience. The Slim's crowd was pelted into submission. The ammunition included nacho chips, cereal, pecan pies and whipping cream.

Where the Go-Nuts (and Lookout!) got in a heap of trouble was the introduction of powdered sugar into the mix. Those who didn't flee ended up looking like beignets at Cafe Du Monde. The effect was amazing, no doubt. The Donut King spun out a heavy guitar solo while the stage lights glowed in a postnuclear haze. Slim's, of course, didn't find the stunt too funny. The club withheld the door money (which was destined for charity) until the substantial cleaning bill ($1,300) was taken care of.

Molly Neuman, GM at Lookout!, said she knew the Go-Nuts were going to incorporate dry goods into their act, but not the pesky powdered sugar. "I just thought it'd be hard goods," said Neuman. "Maybe I was naive." Slim's had to wash its carpets and take its sound equipment in to be professionally cleaned. "They were boys who didn't know that powdered sugar crystallizes when it hits sweat and moisture," said Slim's GM Dawn Holiday, who downplayed the incident. "My staff was upset that night, but when they came down, they realized that it was done without any malicious intent."

The major lesson of the weekend: If you throw a benefit concert, invite the Go-Nuts but bar the gorillas!

Two Times

Congratulations to downtown San Jose's Agenda Lounge for contributing two years of urban sophistication to the SoFA District. Remember when Jewel, Barbara Manning, Save Ferris, Mad Professor, the Orange Peels, Juliana Hatfield and Mary Lou Lord performed? The Agenda celebrates Thursday (Jan. 22) with the New Morty Show and brass-hoppers Coolbone. The festivities get under way at 7pm and don't quit until 2am. Come early for the champagne toast.

Film Flam

Music fans haven't been left out of Cinequest (Jan. 29-Feb. 4). I highly recommend Jon Moritsugu's Fame Whore, which features a killer indie-rock soundtrack by Barbara Manning, Dub Narcotic, No No Boy and Emily's Sassy Lime. My America (... or Honk If You Love Buddha) boasts a hilarious appearance by Asian American rappers the Seoul Brothers.

Space Is the Place

Terrastock II is scheduled to take place April 17-19 at the International Center in San Francisco. The indie-pop/space-rock fest celebrates the music and spirit championed by the magazine The Ptolemaic Terrascope. A partial list of confirmed acts includes the Azusa Plane, Bardo Pond, Bevis Frond, Clockbrains, Cul de Sac, 50 Foot Hose, Mudhoney, the Olivia Tremor Control, Pelt, Silver Apples, Kendra Smith, Spaceheads, Stone Breath and SubArachnoid Space. Weekend passes can be purchased for $60 from the Web site.

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From the January 22-28, 1998 issue of Metro.

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