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[whitespace] Hot Wired Style: Principles for Building Smart Web Sites
By Jeffrey Veen
Wired Books; $32.95

Ignore the neon cover and chunky typeface--this book isn't about how to create flashy, graphics-heavy Web sites. Instead, Hot Wired Style provides serious, thoughtful commentary on the state of Web site design, plus practical examples of how to build a site people will return to again and again. The author uses his own experience working on Wired's ever-evolving sites to illustrate the dos and don'ts of getting content online in a user-friendly manner. This isn't another low-level Web Pages for Dummies book, nor is it a primer on HTML. Hot Wired Style is an in-depth guide for people working on large Web sites who want a big repeat audience. The most important secret to a great Web site? Keep it simple. (Trystan L. Bass)

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From the January 22-28, 1998 issue of Metro.

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