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[whitespace] City finalizes changes to San Tomas Plan

Campbell--The Campbell City Council closed the book on recent changes to the San Tomas Area Neighborhood Plan (STANP). An estimated 24-30 people from the neighborhood attended the meeting Jan. 18, while another 19 spoke during the public hearing.

The city council's decision, using recommendations made by the Planning Commission last month, outlined an amended plan which says that new streets will be required to install a rolled curb instead of full improvements (curbs, gutters and sidewalks). The decision also includes use of a new map and list of streets that will require street improvements. This revision replaces the old street classifications as written in the STANP and the existing 50 percent rule, which previously stated that improvements for new development or major redevelopment if more than 50 percent of the properties on that street have undergone street improvements. The city council did not amend the deferred street improvement section of the plan.

Currently the STANP limits the size of home to a floor-area ratio (FAR) of 0.45. The council agreed that minor additions to existing single-family homes may be allowed provided the following criteria are met:

* The total building area does not exceed 0.50 FAR

* The home has been cleared for occupancy for at least one year

* The property owner received architectural and site approval from the Planning Commission

* Public hearing notices are sent to property owners within 30 feet of the perimeter of the property

* The Planning Commission finds the addition is a simple extension along existing building lines and is compatible with the architecture of the existing home and adjacent neighborhood

* The lot area is less than 8,000 square feet

* A property with a net lot area of 8,000 to 8,999 square feet may add to an existing home, as long as the sum of all floor area of the home does not exceed 4,000 square feet regardless of the FAR.
Genevieve Roja

To view recent revisions to the San Tomas Area Neighborhood Plan, go to the city's website at www.ci.campbell.ca.us. Click on the Departments icon, then on Community Development.
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