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[whitespace] Kofy Brown The real Kofy Brown gets down at the Usual on Thursday (Jan 31).

Band Together

Insolence parts ways with drummer Mando Cardenas

By Sarah Quelland

RUMORS ARE FLYING downtown about changes in the Insolence camp. It all started with a posting on the message board of the band's official website which read: "Sorry to inform you, but Insolence is no longer together. Unfortunately the band has decided to go their seperate [sic] ways so there will be no more Insolence." But that may have been one of those in-the-heat-of-the-moment announcements that are not entirely accurate.

According to bassist Paul Perry, "Insolence officially parted ways with founding member Mando Cardenas and manager Angie Cardenas due to musical and personal differences." Vocalists Mark Herman and Billy "Mech 1" Rosenthal, guitarist Mike Rowan, DJ Jerry Dalalo and bassist Perry apparently remain united and plan to power forward as a group. The collective has announced that it is preparing to audition new drummers to record the follow-up to Revolution on Maverick Records. Fans and interested drummers can email the band at [email protected].

In a conversation with Angie Cardenas, she said, "The guys are choosing to go their separate ways and I want to see all those guys succeed." Despite the initial chaos and speculation the split caused, Angie said ultimately she thought Mando's secession from the band was a positive thing. She said he's working on a new techno-metal project called Lifted, a family effort that includes Cardenas' two sons, along with Phil, formerly of Criminal Network.

ALL THE NEWS: The release of Papa Roach's DVD If You Don't Know, Now You Know has been pushed back with the new release date set for April. The band's new album, lovehatetragedy, is scheduled to come out on June 25. In other P-Roach news, frontman Coby Dick is apparently abandoning his stage name and returning to his government name Jacoby Shaddix. ... Channel 104.9 is celebrating its first birthday this Friday (Feb. 1) at the Usual with very special guest Pete Yorn. Course of Nature and Picnic also perform. This is a private listener-appreciation party, so the only way to get tickets is to listen to the station and be the winning caller, or enter to win at www.channel1049.com. ... Setting aside its Alice in Chains-meets-God Lives Underwater heaviness for one night, rock band Ones and Zeros is giving a special acoustic performance this Thursday (Jan. 31) at Fanny & Alexander in San Jose. Rubberside Down and Sweet Duration also perform. ... Once a regular face in the South Bay, it's been some time since soulful R&B singer Kofy Brown played this area. But this Thursday (Jan. 31) finds her opening for Nikka Costa at the Usual. The Oakland-based entertainer had to fight to keep her name when an upstart duet came out by the name Koffee Brown on Arista/Divine Mill. Brown won the right to keep her trademark, and took charge by dubbing herself "The Real Kofy Brown." Her latest album, Area 32, has been nominated for a California Music Award in the category of "Outstanding R&B Album of the Year."

PLAN AHEAD: The What Four, Jan. 31 at the Lido; Suicide Pigeons, Wrekhouse and Still Life, Jan. 31 at the Cactus; Sin in Space, Dura-Delinquent, Pedestrian, I Am Bentar and Amortafera, Jan. 31 at the 418 Project in Santa Cruz; Static-X, Soulfly and Soil, Jan. 31 at the Warfield in San Francisco; 5606 and Incomplete Thought, Feb. 1 at the Chemical Free Zone; Stitch, Jada Morning, Luxt, Hostility and Two Steps Behind, Feb. 1 at the Cactus; Steve Harsoe (formerly of London Down and Raging Marys), Feb. 1 at the Koinonia Koffeehouse in Campbell; Fan 5, Four Star Silent, Nothing to Lose and Don't Look Down, Feb. 2 at Armando's Cafe; Neon Lobster, Nebula and others, Feb. 4 at the Lido; Amon Amarth, Marduk, Diabolic and others, Feb. 5 at the Pound in San Francisco; Michelle Branch, Feb. 6 at Slim's in San Francisco; Slaves on Dope, Krenshaw, Hemlock, Spiritfall and Sol Ascending, Feb. 7 at the Cactus; Oranger and Mover Feb. 9 at the Cafe du Nord in San Francisco; Ratt, Feb. 28 at the Pound; Modest Mouse, March 1 at Bimbo's in San Francisco; Ryan Adams and Leona Naess, March 3 at the Warfield; Rufus Wainwright, March 9 at the Fillmore in San Francisco; Dimmu Borgir, March 13 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco; Frank Black and the Catholics, March 14 at the Usual; Rob Zombie, the Damned and Sinisstar, March 17 at the SJSU Event Center; Jonathan Richman, March 31-April 2 at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco.

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From the January 31-February 6, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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