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Club Life

Blue Rock Shoot
14523 Big Basin Way, Saratoga; 408.469.0251; www.firesignentertainmentgroup.com

By Todd Inoue

Ambience: Saratoga rustic
Amenities: Cafe, restaurant, bar, live acoustic music

Blue Rock Shoot has long been receptive to acoustic music (it was the site of Vienna Teng's first open mics before she hit big) and recently the Shoot received a major overhaul. Darren Anderson, who runs Firesign Entertainment Group, helped lure a private investor to install new tables, chairs, coat of paint, sound system and wooden stage into the venerable Saratoga landmark.

The Blue Rock is experiencing renewed vigor and with the help of Firesign, and is attracting some top folk/bluegrass/jazz talent. Due to the intimate size of the Blue Rock, crowds have been small but passionate.

Anderson had played Blue Rock Shoot many years ago and fell in love with its rustic décor and size. "It's a beautiful place," he says. "You walk in and walk through to the back and you find yourself three stories above ground. You're playing among the oaks."

Now he's in a position to help others. Anderson is booking live music on Fridays and Saturday at Blue Rock Shoot with an open mic on Thursdays. Shows start at 7:30pm and cover is $10 (tickets available on Ticketweb). This Friday features an appearance by Box Set member Jeff Pehrson (pictured).

"Hopefully Blue Rock Shoot will draw more people to Saratoga and give musicians another venue to play," Anderson says.

Feb 4: Jeff Pehrson, Jeff Adoradio
Feb 5: Loren Davidson
Feb 12: Steve Krouse
Feb 18: Nancy Cassidy
Feb 19: Adam Miller
Feb 25: Debbie Thicker
Mar 12: Jayme Lynn Curtis, Kristina Sablan

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From the February 2-8, 2005 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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