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Triple 3 EP
I Sold Your Gear Music

Though its members may be veterans of the local music scene, Krenshaw is a fairly fresh addition to the South Bay. The band offers a change of pace from the aggro-core metal-rap that dominates the area with its straightforward, guitar-driven rock & roll. Krenshaw's most striking asset is frontman Kelly Dalton, whose impressive vocals alternate between a sexy rasp and clear sincerity. Themes of drug addiction, pain and control dominate the six-song album from the lilting melody of "Path" to the heavy darkness of "Sorrow" to the speedy rush of "Pushin' the Limit," which calls to mind early Guns 'N' Roses. A 13-year-old boy called up KSJO and asked the DJ what band Tommy Lee was in before Methods of Mayhem. Whatever demographic it is that doesn't know Lee was in Mötley Crüe (scary!) may not appreciate Krenshaw, but the band should attract straight-up rock and metal fans with its broader scope. (Sarah Quelland)

Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip
Capricorn Records

This unconventional rock duo from Atlanta, Ga., consists of Amber Valentine on vocals and guitar and Ed Livengood on drums. Like a soundtrack to some dark, twisted road thriller, Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip has a volatile, dangerous, unpredictable quality. Jucifer pretty much just abuses its instruments until it gets the chaotic sound it wants from the damn things. Sometimes, tearing things up with scorching L7-styled punk ("Long Live the King"), other times getting softer, in the manner of Romeo Void's Debora Iyall, the Breeders and even the Bangles, Valentine spurs her voice from a brutal scream to a sly purr, and she can kick up quite a racket. (SQ)

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From the February 3-9, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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