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Icon See for Miles: The swells filled the spacious new supperclub on opening night.

Jazzy Icon

Snazzy supperclub opens in Palo Alto

By Sarah Quelland

THE NEWEST ADDITION to the South Bay club scene, the Icon Supperclub, opened its doors last Thursday (Feb. 15). It seems the jazz-oriented club was met with mixed reactions. While many fans of the location's former nightclub, the Edge, were saddened as the finality of the Edge's demise sunk in, other former Edge regulars found themselves warming to the club in spite of themselves.

But I think the majority of the extremely diverse crowd--a varied mix of Silicon Valley's movers and shakers of all ages over 21--liked the Icon's sparse open atmosphere. There were some glitches with the opening: itty bitty plastic cups of beer were overpriced (one Sierra Nevada draft and a bottle of Heineken ran $9.50), and the bartenders--several of whose familiar faces Edge patrons will fondly remember--were run ragged. But the musicians that officially christened the stage--Anton Schwartz and the Toledo Show--jammed, and people seemed to be having a good time socializing. Now that the supperclub is open for business, its fate lies in the hands of the public. Kofy Brown is scheduled to perform at the Icon on March 2 and John Lee Hooker will perform there on March 15. (See more pictures of the Icon opening.)

The ninth-annual Noise Pop festival kicks off next Tuesday (Feb. 27) at Bottom of the Hill where Beulah, Mates of State, Call and Response and From Bugglegum to Sky will perform. Following Noise Pop events include Jimmy Eat World, Creeper Lagoon and Carlos, Feb. 28 at the Great American Music Hall; 764-Hero, Kingsbury Manx, Stratford 4 and the Papercuts, Feb. 28 at Bottom of the Hill; Devil in the Woods Party with Preston School of Industry, Cole Marquis and Aaron Nudelman, March 1 at the Make Out Room; Zen Guerilla, the Bell Rays, Icarus Line and 7th Standard, March 1 at Slim's; Pedro the Lion, Starflyer 59, Jim Yoshii Pile-Up and Pinq, March 1 at Bottom of the Hill. Tickets run $7-$15, and age requirements and showtimes vary by venue. The festival runs through March 4.

Though initial reports suggested that tickets would be available to the public for the Macy Gray performance scheduled to be held this Friday (Feb. 23) at the Usual, plans have changed. The private event is exclusively for Cinequest Platinum DXD pass holders and Cinequest sponsors, and no tickets will be released to the public.

The fifth-annual Canopener will be held this Friday (Feb. 23) at the Great Hall in Menlo Park. Xiu Xiu, Anti-45, Under a Dying Sun, the Huxtables, Stunt Monkey, Manic Notion, Moodfrye, Grounds for Dismissal and Kennedy will perform on two stages. The event is all ages, and tickets are $7 or $5 with two cans of food.

PLAN AHEAD: Jerry Cantrell, Zero Theory, Downside and Divided, Feb. 22 at the Usual; Moodfrye, Manic Notion, Adverse Side-FX and Fighting Jacks, Feb. 22 at the Gaslighter Theater in Campbell; Kennedy, New Bethel, Katie Specs and 30 Second Fury, Feb. 22 at Great Bear in Los Gatos; the Recruits and Snapper, Feb. 22 at the Cactus Club; Krenshaw, Reaction 31, Lica Sto, Sift, Local ODdity, Ground and Stuk, Feb. 24 at the Cactus Club; Ozomatli and Sambadá, Feb. 24 at the Usual; Manic Notion, Left Out Lamont, New Bethel, Tragedy Andy, 3 Minutes Fast and Kennedy, Feb. 24 at the Fishbowl in Sunnyvale; Mark Kozelek, Feb. 25 at the Great American Music Hall; Swarm, ManMade God and Armored Saint, March 7 at the Pound.

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From the February 22-28, 2001 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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