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[whitespace] Sites for the Cybervoter Abound

For more details check out the following websites

Editor's Note:Information on candidates without their own websites can be obtained at www.smartvoter.org, a non-partisan site sponsored by the League of Women Voters.

Congress (Dist. 15, San Jose, West Valley)
Dick Lane (D): dicklane.org
Bill Peacock (D): billpeacock.com
Jim Cunneen (R): cunneen.com
Dale Mead (R): mead4congress.com

Assembly (Dist. 23, San Jose)
Fred Buzo (D): fredbuzo.com
Manny Diaz (D): mannydiaz.com
Tony West (D): westforassembly.com

Assembly (Dist. 24, West Valley)
Rebecca Cohn (D): cohn2000.com
Steve Glickman (D): glickman2000.org
Steve Blanton (R): voteblanton.com
Donna Courtright (R): godonna.com
Suzanne Jackson (R): suejacksonforassembly.com

Santa Clara County Supervisor
(District 5, North County)
Liz Kniss: kniss.com
Dolly Sandoval: dollysandoval.com
Terry Trumbull: trumbullforsupervisor.org

San Jose City Council
District 2 (South San Jose)
Forrest Williams: forrest-williams.com

District 4 (Berryessa, Alviso)
Chuck Reed: chuckreed.com
Kansen Chu: kansen-chu.com

District 6 (Willow Glen, Rose Garden)
Mike Borquez: borquezforcouncil.com
Kris Cunningham: kriscunningham.com
Jim Spence: spence4council.com
Ken Yeager: kenyeager.com

District 8 (Evergreen)
Dave Cortese: davecortese.com
Maria Fuentes: mariafuentes.com
Eddie Garcia: eddigarcia.com
Patricia Martinez-Roach: evergreenvoice.com

District 10 (Almaden Valley)
Pat Dando: patdando.org
Nancy Pyle: nancypyle.net

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