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Spring Fever

The snap of a plastic chair back, the wafting aroma of fresh-cut garlic fries, the scratchy feel of a $25 concert T-shirt--the spring concert season is upon us

Spring Music Guide picks by Michael S. Gant, Todd Inoue, Yoshi Kato, Sarah Quelland and Traci Vogel.

THE SPRING CONCERT season has outgrown its position as the traditional warm-up for the Boys (and Girls) of Summer and stands as an honored pastime on its own.

Spring honors the dedication of the true music fan. The weather is cool, and tours aren't dominated by the "package" mentality. Bands are in better moods because they're playing longer sets in front on their true fans.

We've compiled a starting lineup of tours and shows jumping off between now and June. We analyze their strengths and weaknesses and offer independent scouting reports. You pay a lot of money for tickets--don't get jacked.

So break out the seat cushions, pack an extra sweater and wear comfortable shoes. Whether your tastes turn toward Alicia Keys or Rob Zombie, use the Spring Music Guide as your cheat sheet to the upcoming concert season.


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From the February 28-March 6, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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