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Cheap Eats

The Happy Hound

15899 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos; 408.358.2444; Mon-Sat, 10pm--10:30am, Sun, 11am-10pm


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AT $3.70, Happy Hound's Chili Cheese Hound hot dog is a bargain and a half, but stock up on the napkins. Don't even attempt to eat Happy Hound's Chili Cheese Hound with your hands. The resulting sloppy mess will leave employees pointing to the knives and forks at the end of the counter. You might wind up with cheese, beans and red onions all over yourself.

Happy Hound is legendary for its cheap and huge hamburgers and hot dogs--proof that not all of Los Gatos is expensive. Try the Kraut Hound or the Polish Hound for starters. If you're really adventuresome, go for the ridiculous $3.59 portion of french fries.

You can order outside or inside. The counter seats about six, and it's a perfect place to watch the employees assemble their monstrous concoctions. Or, if you want, sit outside and gaze down Los Gatos Blvd. at the hills beyond.

Drinkwise, there are floats, freezes, malts and shakes for your delectation, giving the feel of a true diner, but the hot dogs are what put Happy Hound on the map. They are simply the best anywhere.

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From the March 3-10, 2004 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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