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Peter Frusetta--His colleagues know him as the "cowboy in the capital" because he always wears his trademark Stetson. The Republican sponsored a series of political reform bills last year. For months political insiders speculated that Frusetta wouldn't seek re-election because of poor health, but he has since declared his candidacy.

Byron Sher--Popular with environmentalists for his green views, he served as one of the state negotiators on the Headwaters Forest deal and was appointed the first chair of the environmental quality committee. Thought by his peers to be a very nice (but dull) guy.

John Vasconcellos--One of the most enduring and idiosyncratic figures in the state Legislature, "Vasco" is perhaps best known for his self-esteem campaign, which was lampooned in Doonesbury. The 65-year-old Democratic lawmaker personally opposes abortion, but doesn't oppose a woman's right to choose. Over the years he has fought against prison expansion and for the medicinal use of marijuana.

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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