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In this, the Year of the Tiger, getting a starting time on a public golf course is akin to getting a kid into a Challenger School. You gotta get up pretty darn early. A little dogged determination and a speed dialer can usually get you a reservation.

Blackberry Farms--7am for the following week. 253-9000

Deep Cliff--6:45am for the following week. 253-5357

Pleasant Hills--6am for the following week. 238-3485

Pruneridge--Not too busy, says the operator, so one or two days before you want to play is good. 248-4424.

Riverside--Monday at 12pm for the following week. 463-0622.

San Jose Muni--Tuesday at 7am for the following week. 441-4653

Santa Clara Golf & Tennis Club--Call seven days in advance. Santa Clara residents can call eight days in advance. 980-9515.

Santa Teresa Golf Course--Call at 8am Monday morning for that weekend. One reservation per phone call. 225-2650

Thunderbird--A week in advance for weekends. Just come on in, otherwise. 259-3355.

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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