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[whitespace] Door-to-Door Laundry

Some enterprising launderers have hit on a formula for success in the time-strapped Silicon Valley: They pick up their clients' laundry at their houses once a week, wash it, dry it, fluff it, and return everything sparkling clean and folded the next day. Or the next week, which calls for a little more planning (best not to wait till the underwear drawer is empty in that case).

Nelson's Shirt Laundry--408/296-6411. Charges by the piece--$2 per shirt and $5 for a pair of pants, with underwear and sundries at $1 per pound.

Oasis Laundry Center--408/267-2505. Charges $1.35 per pound of delivered laundry, with a 25-pound minimum. Or, like many laundromats, Oasis will do wash brought on site for $1 per pound.

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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