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Pet Corner

[whitespace] If Your Pet Gets Lost

  • Check all around your house and neighborhood carefully. Animals that appear lost could be trapped in tight spots nearby. Check both at night and during the day. Also, wandering pets may be lured home by favorite foods and the sight and smell of familiar toys or clothing.

  • Put up posters around your neighborhood and around pet-oriented places such as parks, pet stores and veterinarians' offices. On the poster, include a picture and relevant details about your pet. Offering a reward may help.

  • Check all the animal shelters in your area every few days. Also make sure to look in both their "pets found" and "dead on arrival" files.

  • Place an ad in local newspapers and read the "found pet" ads. Answer every ad that even remotely sounds like your pet.

  • Try to prevent pet loss. Keep pets indoors, and make sure they wear ID (see below). In case they do get lost, keep recent photos handy, along with license information and vet records.

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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