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[whitespace] Fast Fitness

It's ironic that in this fast-paced society, we spend most of our time with our posteriors planted (often less than firmly), working at desks and driving in cars. It's hard to find time to exercise, but every day we pass up little ways to elevate our heart rate that extra notch.

Best of all, of course, is sex. If you're having it, make the most of it. No one's saying that a session in the sack is the most effective calorie burner but it can be the most enjoyable.

If you don't have a partner, make a date with the TV. Rather than sitting there with a Pepsi and a bag of Chee-tos envying prime-time's sexy stars, consider them as motivators.

What better incentive to do stomach crunches than watching Lisa Rinna (Melrose Place) or Dan Cortez (Veronica's Closet) slink around with their hard bodies? Whether you want to look like them or just plain want them, it's great inspiration to get those muscles working and do some floor exercises.

Even those who hate exercise of any kind can find small ways to burn calories. Take the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator. And don't play the "I-can-park-the-closest" game. Grab the first spot you see--even if it's blocks away. The fresh air will help the cardiovascular system, and the walk will help firm up the old gluteus maximus.

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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