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[whitespace] Switch to Green Tea

Everyone knows how addictive caffeine is, and that it can cause sleeplessness, dehydration, upset stomach, heart palpitations and liver problems. But do we want to kick it? No. We might, however, be persuaded to switch to a less toxic caffeine injection.

Two words: green tea.

While many coffee-drinkers experience stress symptoms--such as headaches, muscle tension and fatigue--from their acidic morning brew, green-tea drinkers report a sense of euphoria, improved relations with co-workers and more money in the bank as a direct result of quaffing the verdant elixir.

Think we're joking? Fact is, the green-tea buzz is less jittery; it contains a little more than half the caffeine found in a cup of drip coffee; and it's cheaper than java.

Even better, the caffeine in green tea is water-soluble, not fat-soluble like that in coffee, which means it's easier for the liver to break down. And the marvelous potion is packed with antioxidants, so it helps fight cancer.

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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