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Got Rent?

[whitespace] Renter's Resources

California Tenants Association--478 W. Hamilton Ave, Campbell (408/374-2741). Though some services are available only for members ($19.95 basic; $38 full), the Web site offers very useful material for the casual browser.

Department of Fair Employment and Housing--111 N. Market St, #810, San Jose (408/277-1264). Serves the San Jose, Santa Cruz and Monterey areas.

Mother Olson's Inn--408/998-0223. Mother Olson opened a boarding house 30 years ago on Eighth Street; there are now 22 Mother Olson's Inns scattered around downtown San Jose, with rooms available for as little as $135-$190 a week (plus $50 for deposit and room tax). That amount buys a simple, clean room with a TV and a shared kitchen and bath. Most are co-ed. A limited number of double rooms are available for $170 a week.

Mid-Peninsula Citizens for Fair Housing--457 Kingsley Ave, Palo Alto (650/327-1718; 408/730-8491). Serves Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale.

Neighborhood Mediation and Conciliation Services--70 W. Hedding St, Lower Level, SJ (408/299-3953). Mediation service for landlord/tenant or neighbor disputes provided by the Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission. Services in Spanish and Vietnamese are available.

Project MATCH--408/287-7121. Roommate placement and referral for renters. Some services are exclusively available to the over-60 set, but most are open for all adults. Also provides shared-housing opportunities.

The Roommate Express--408/295-5180 and 415/397-4008. Places people with compatible renters for a small fee ($19 to $129).

Santa Clara County Housing Authority--505 W. Julian St., SJ (408/275-8770). Although the Authority doesn't currently have the resources to assist new applicants, it continues to publish Thursdays at noon a list of available rental units. Although intended for low-income families receiving assistance from the program, the list is available to anyone. Elderly and disabled individuals can request a copy by mail.

Shared Housing Program--408/282-1144. Promotes and provides house-sharing opportunities. Specializes in single-parent families. Assistance available in English, abd Spanish.

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