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One Thing at a Time

[whitespace] Dial in a Bearable Commute

Listening to National Public Radio during rush hour accomplishes two important things: It helps divert a commuter's attention from hopelessly long lines of traffic and it educates said commuter on issues of the day. The soothing baritone of "Morning Edition" host Bob Edwards and the sensible news delivery by Jean Cochran are a pleasant alternative to carsickness brought on by reading the paper in the carpool. "All Things Considered," the 4:30-6:30pm news program, KQED lays claim to the carefully conversational tone of Corey Flintoff, who could surely talk America through a national crisis with his even-handed news delivery. Graspable overviews of complex problems, commentary on real social issues and interviews with people other than the usual suspects make NPR a favorite with folks who get stuck in their cars a lot. What's the alternative, anyway? Another afternoon with Jewel and Fiona?

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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