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Mass Transit and Ride-Shares

[whitespace] To SF Without a Car

It is possible to enjoy Baghdad by the Bay without worrying about traffic, parking, meter maids or 40 car thieves:

By train--From the Diridon-Cahill station, CalTrain leaves for San Francisco every 17 minutes until 8am, then every hour from 9am to 1pm. The train leaves every half-hour from 2 to 6pm and then on the hour until 10:30pm. The last train back to San Jose leaves the city at midnight. Fares are $5 one way.

By bus--The 180 Express from Cahill/Diridon goes straight to Fremont BART, which will take you in for $1.75. Total trip time: about an hour depending on time of day. Otherwise, take the #22 or #300 to Palo Alto. Take the Palo Alto bus. Transfer in San Mateo County. It will take 30 minutes to get the rest of the way. $1.75 is the going rate.

By BART--Will BART come to San Jose? When monkeys fly out my ass.

By carpool/vanpool--If you commute 40 miles or more round-trip, call 800/755-POOL.

By airplane--No planes fly from SJC to SFO, but McDonnell Douglas flies to Oakland International once a day for $51 each way. After you touch down, take County Transit to BART and ride in. Depending on traffic, it's faster than 880.

By bike--The RIDES Matchlist can set you up with neighbors who are interested in sharing the ride. Its "Bike Matchlist" offers experienced bicyclists who offer advice to new bike commuters: 800/755-POOL.

By foot--Get to El Camino Real and start marching northbound. The street empties you near the Mission District.

By hitchhiking--Two words: serial killers.

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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