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DMV Express

[whitespace] How Not to Get Stuck in the Slow Line

Make an appointment: This can now be done via an automated phone system 24 hours a day (single transactions only). Plan ahead if possible. The first available appointments often are two to three weeks in the future. San Jose branch: 277-1301.

Join AAA: The auto insurer will register vehicles for its members. Remember to bring a billing statement, membership card and proof of insurance. Check or cash only. To find the AAA office nearest you, look in the phone book under "California State Automobile Association."

Replacing a Lost Driver's License: Most people can't wait two to three weeks for an appointment to get a new driver's license, so be prepared to spend 45 minutes in line. Make sure to bring proof of ID (a birth certificate or baptism papers will work) or an even longer wait could be in store.

Go on the Weekend: The Santa Teresa DMV branch is open Saturday. 224-4511. 180 Martinvale Lane.

Other Tips: If registering a car, bring proof of insurance just in case. If waiting in line is unavoidable, bring work or at least good reading material.

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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