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Six Feet Under
Metal Blade

Warpath is like the death-metal soundtrack to a bad horror movie filled with excerpts from Jason's diary. On "Revenge of the Zombie," lead vocalist Chris Barnes belts out, "From the grave I will escape / maggots crawl from out my skull / the worms they feed upon my brain / the life I lost I now regain." One can't help but think of pick-ax murderer Karla Faye Tucker when he barks, "Your torture brings me pleasure / I climax as I murder" ("Burning Blood"). Barnes' lyrics are paradoxical, because while he screams about gruesome destruction he also longs for freedom ("Manipulation," "4:20" and "Caged and Disgraced"). Musically, Six Feet Under's death metal is ideal for thrashing, but the juvenile lyrics are almost unbearable. (Sarah Quelland)

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Chocolate Weasel

If psycho Picassos Chocolate Weasel (is the name a rip on Peanut Butter Wolf?) submitted to random magic-mushroom testing, they'd suffer the fate of a Canadian bobsledder. The music industry has yet to make its artists piss in cups; thus Spaghettification is an tune-in, turn-on trip. The CD takes listeners through crates of records, hard drives stocked with beats and sheets of blotter paper. "Reworked From Scratch Backwards" is bounce-rock-skate music for roller rinks on Mars. "11th Hour Concept," "Coda" and "Way of the Weasel" are creative beat edits that startle and juggle. What would you expect from a crew that credits David Lynch, Crass, Hawkwind and A Tribe Called Quest? If you're down with Prince Paul's Psychoanalysis album, Spaghettification makes an excellent companion piece. (Todd S. Inoue)

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From the March 5-11, 1998 issue of Metro.

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