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Spring Music Guide 2003

June Kuramoto

Support: None

Date: March 8, 8pm. $32-$37. The Carriage House at Villa Montalvo, 15400 Montalvo Rd., Saratoga. 408.961.5858

Current Album: Spirit & Soul (2002, Windham Hill)

Breakthrough: "One Wish" (1985)

Vitals: Koto player whose concept spans generations and cultures.

Scouting Report: As a member of Hiroshima, the classically trained koto player helped to pioneer jazz fusion, bringing together jazz, traditional Japanese and R&B styles. Tracks from her solo album, just released in November, explore the indigenous American, Asian and Asian American experience. Her concerts should be equally personal and thoroughly infused with her sublime charms. Though she's the visual and sonic focus of Hiroshima, it's her ex-husband, Dan Kuramoto, who is the band's spokesperson and leader. It'll be interesting to see what direction she takes in a solo setting (though members of Hiroshima will be in her band). (JH)

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From the March 6-12, 2003 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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