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[whitespace] The Kenny Garrett Quartet

Spring Music Guide 2003

The Kenny Garrett Quartet

Support: None

Date: May 1-3, 8 and 10pm; May 4, 2 and 8pm. Yoshi's, 510 Embarcadero West, Oakland. 510.238.9200

Current Album: Standard of Language (March 11, 2003, Warner Bros.)

Vitals: Bring on da jazz, bring on da funk!

Breakthrough: Trilogy (Warner Bros., 1995)

Scouting Report: His discography pretty much says it all. Gigs and recording sessions with everyone from Art Blakey, Miles Davis and Chick Corea to Gang Starr's Guru, Q-Tip, Sting and Al Jarreau reflect the masterful alto saxophonist's wide range of styles and talents. He can burn like nobody's business, too. Garrett possesses the rare ability to play the straight-forward and melodic or the intricate and intense with equal ease and conviction. He's got both soul and chops, and, he manages to keep a working band together. Teenage saxophone students and octogenarian big-band vets alike are bound to enjoy themselves at one of Garrett's shows. (YK)

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From the March 6-12, 2003 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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