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Club Life

The Vault Ultra Lounge
81 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose; http://www.vaultultralounge.com; opens in May

Amenities: Two dance floors each with DJs spinning a mix of Top 40 styles, old-school hip-hop, house and dance; two full-service bars; VIP room with bottle service; ATM; coat check

By Jim Harrington

AFTER NEARLY a year of planning and major renovation, the Vault Ultra Lounge plans to open its doors in early May. The new club on Santa Clara near Market should ignite a fresh spark in the San Pedro Square area just in time for summer.

Take the club's name seriously. The Vault is located in an old savings and loan building, reportedly one of the first such establishments to open in California. Suitably, the Vault has embraced its legacy in the design, fitting the renovation around the history. Club kids will sip apple martinis near the two original vaults and dance to the latest in Top 40 tunes under the large blue stained-glass ceiling decorated with American eagles. People will definitely want to look up; besides the sizable window to the world, the ceiling also features gorgeous hand-painted trim. There's also an elaborate wooden staircase that greets guests at the front door and beckons them to check out the action from the second level.

The main dance floor will feature Top 40 music, featuring DJs spinning everything from rock and dance to disco and rap. A smaller dance floor in the back will have a more industrial feel, where people can shuffle their feet across a concrete floor and listen to old-school hip-hop. There will also be a VIP room with bottle service, fireplace, wooden walls, plush carpet and a huge skylight. That's definitely the spot where Frank and Dean would have chilled out. If you can't afford the bottle service in the VIP room, just order your drinks from one of the two regular bar areas, which will offer up the latest concoctions as well as a goodly assortment of bar and wine.

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From the March 10-17, 2004 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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