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Montalvo Moments

[whitespace] Los Van Van
Dan Pulcrano

Salsa in Saratoga: Roberto Hernandez of Cuba's legendary Los Van Van will be among this summer's performers at Villa Montalvo.

More than 180 acts are announced for the performing arts series at Villa Montalvo and Mountain Winery

By Michael S. Gant

FOR ITS 44th season of music and performing arts, Saratoga's Villa Montalvo has announced a crowded schedule of almost 200 concerts. The series commences on May 5 with a show by Hugh Masakela and doesn't stop until monologue master Spalding Gray starts speaking in April 2000.

The concerts are slated for four venues: Montalvo's indoor 300-seat Carriage House Theatre and three outdoor stages, Montalvo's 1,150-seat Garden Theatre and 2,000-seat Front Lawn, and the 1,750-seat historic Mountain Winery (also in Saratoga). Villa Montalvo is a nonprofit arts group that runs an art gallery, several children's outreach projects and an artist residency program.

In addition to some old favorites--Buckwheat Zydeco (May 20), the Doobie Brothers (June 4-6), Willie Nelson (June 20), the Rippingtons (July 29-30), Boz Scaggs (Aug. 7-8) and Huey Lewis and the News (Aug. 27-29)--this year's roster also includes a stellar jazz night with Dianne Reeves and Joshua Redman (June 13), rising blues star Keb' Mo' (June 24), pop wonders the B-52's (Aug. 1-2), rock legend Steve Winwood (Aug. 30-31) and a red-hot evening of Cuban rhythm with Los Van Van and Chucho Valdez (Sept. 16). Also on the Latin music front is a concert by the Afro Cuban Allstars (June 11).

In the most intriguing pairing of the year, the Neville Brothers of New Orleans share a bill with Little Feat (Aug. 12-13). Just as promising is the triple-threat concert with Dr. John, Rod Piazza (of Mighty Flyers fame) and stripper-turned-blues-diva Candye Kane (Sept. 25). On the comedy front, Bill Cosby is set to appear for two shows (3 and 8pm on Sept. 19). The blues will be represented by Buddy Guy (June 11), John Lee Hooker (Sept. 26), Etta James with Tommy Castro (Aug. 22) and Jimmie Vaughan and Ruth Brown (Sept. 17).

THE CLASSICAL LINEUP is highlighted by the St. Petersburg String Quartet (July 21), Midsummer Mozart with pianist Claude Frank (Aug. 5), the Russian National Orchestra (Aug. 19), violinist Nadja Solerno-Sonnenberg (Oct. 10), the Guarneri String Quartet (Oct. 22) and the L.A. Guitar Quartet (Dec. 1). In a collaboration with the Bay Shore Lyric Opera of Capitola, the series will host La Bohème at the Mountain Winery (Aug. 21-22).

In another collaboration, Montalvo will join forces with the American Musical Theater of San Jose to present A Chorus Line (July 20-25). Family- oriented shows run the gamut from the innovative puppet show set to classical music, Mozart, Monsters & Matisse (Oct. 3), by Theatre/Works, to the perennially popular Missoula Children's Theatre, which makes an appearance for the eighth year in a row. Also on tap are performances of Hansel and Gretel (Nov. 14) and Charlotte's Web (Nov. 21).

The season starts on May 5 and continues all the way over the Y2K hump to April 27, 2000. Tickets will be available beginning April 18. Early birds can get advance information by getting on Montalvo's mailing list--mail a postcard to Villa Montalvo, P.O. Box 158, Saratoga, 95071. For ticket information, call 408/961-5858.

Villa Montalvo Complete Schedule

CH=Carriage House (Montalvo)
MW=Historic Mountain Winery
GT=Garden Theatre (Montalvo)
FL=Front Lawn (Montalvo)

Current as of March 5, 1999.

Hugh MasekelaWMay 57:30CH$32
Roy Rogers/S. MorrisonFMay 78:00CH$22.50
The Jungle BookSuMay 91:30CH$12/6 kids
The BobsSu May 97:30CH$27.50
Alice in WonderlandSuMay 161:30CH$12/6 kids
Tommy Castro, Chris Cain & Corby YatesWMay 197:30CH$27.50
Buckwheat ZydecoThMay 207:30CH$27.50
Coyote SingsSuMay 231:30CH$12/6 kids
Scott KirbySuMay 237:30CH$20
HapaWMay 267:30CH$25

Shawn ColvinTuJune 17:30GT$36/32/26
Shawn ColvinWJune 27:30GT$36/32/26
The Doobie BrothersFJune 48:00MW$45/40/35
The Doobie BrothersSaJune 58:00MW$45/40/35
The Doobie BrothersSuJune 67:30MW$45/40/35
Acoustic AlchemySuJune 67:30GT$36/28/22
Mary Chapin CarpenterWJune 97:30GT$55/50/45
Mary Chapin CarpenterThJune 107:30GT$55/50/45
Anne MurrayThJune 107:30MW$45/40/32
Buddy GuyFJune 118:00MW$40/36/30
Afro Cuban AllstarsFJune 118:00GT$38/34/28
Dianne Reeves & Joshua RedmanSuJune 137:30GT$36/32/28
Grover Washington & Rick BraunSuJune 137:30MW$40/35/30
Ricky Skaggs & Del McCoury BandWJune 167:30GT$38/32/25
Carrot TopThJune 177:30MW$38/32/28
Willie NelsonSuJune 204:00FL$55/45/20
Guitars, Sax & MoreSuJune 207:30MW$38/34/28
Susan TedeschiTuJune 227:30GT$32/28/24
WynonnaWJune 237:30GT$65/60/55
David SanbornThJune 247:30MW$42/38/32
Keb' Mo'ThJune 247:30GT$32/25/20
David Lindley & Greg BrownFJune 258:00GT$35/30/25

Jack and the BeanstalkFJuly 27:00GT$10/5 kids
Don GiovanniFJuly 97:00GT$80/38/28/20
Don GiovanniSaJuly 107:00GT$80/38/28/20
Don GiovanniSuJuly 117:00GT$80/38/28/20
Cowboy Junkies & Leo KottkeWJuly 147:30MW$38/32/28
Cowboy Junkies & Leo KottkeThJuly 157:30MW$38/32/28
Diana KrallThJuly 157:30GT$35/30/20
Vince GillFJuly 168:00MW$65/60/55
Dave KozFJuly 168:00GT$40/36/30
Michael McDonaldSuJuly 187:30MW$42/36/32
A Chorus LineTuJuly 207:30MW$38/32/28
A Chorus LineWJuly 217:30MW$42/38/32
A Chorus LineThJuly 227:30MW$42/38/32
A Chorus LineFJuly 238:00MW$46/42/36
A Chorus LineSaJuly 248:00MW$46/42/36
A Chorus LineSuJuly 257:30MW$42/38/32
Nanci GriffithSuJuly 254:00FL$50/40
St. Petersburg String QtWJuly 217:30CH$25
Dan FogelbergTuJuly 277:30MW$55/45/35
Dan FogelbergWJuly 287:30MW$55/45/35
The Rippingtons & Craig ChaquicoThJuly 297:30GT$42/36/32
Joan ArmatradingThJuly 297:30MW$40/36/30
The Rippingtons & Craig ChaquicoFJuly 308:00GT$42/36/32
Kenny RogersFJuy 308:00MW$55/50/45
Kenny RogersSaJuly 318:00MW$55/50/45

Mary BlackSuAug 17:30GT$38/34/28
B-52'sSuAug 17:30MW$60/55/50
B-52'sMAug 27:30MW$60/55/50
Bruce HornsbyTuAug 37:30MW$34/28/24
Bruce HornsbyWAug 47:30 MW$34/28/24
Midsummer MozartThAug 57:30CH$35
HiroshimaThAug 57:30MW$38/32/28
Boz ScaggsSaAug 78:00MW$55/45/35
Boz ScaggsSuAug 87:30MW$55/45/35
Bobby McFerrinSuAug 87:30GT$45/38/30
Neville Bros/Little FeatThAug 127:30MW$45/40/35
Neville Bros/Little FeatFAug 138:00MW$45/40/35
Boz ScaggsTuAug 177:30GT$65/55/45
Boz ScaggsWAug 187:30GT$65/55/45
Ann & Nancy Wilson of HeartWAug 187:30MW$42/38/34
Russian National Orch.ThAug 197:30GT$60/55/45
David BenoitFAug 208:00GT$38/34/28
La BohemeSa Aug 218:00MW$38/32/28
La BohemeSuAug 227:30MW$38/32/28
Etta James/ Tommy CastroSuAug 223:00FL$50/40
Will Downing & Gerald AlbrightThAug 267:30GT$42/36/32
Huey Lewis & The NewsFAug 278:00MW$60/55/50
Huey Lewis & The NewsSaAug 288:00MW$60/55/50
Huey Lewis & The NewsSuAug 297:30MW$60/55/50
Samuel RameyFAug 278:00GT$55/50/45
Steve WinwoodMAug 307:30MW$55/50/40
Steve WinwoodTuAug 317:30MW$55/50/40

Tom JonesWSep 17:30MW$43/39/35
Al JarreauThSep 27:30GT$42/38/32
ChicagoWSep 87:30MW$55/45/35
ChicagoThSep 97:30MW$55/45/35
Dave BrubeckFSep 107:00GT$42/35/30
George BensonFSep 108:00MW$48/42/38
George BensonSaSep 118:00MW$48/42/38
Spyro Gyra/Norman BrownSuSept123:00FL$46/36
Los Van Van/ Cucho ValdezThSep 167:30MW$36/30/26
Michael LauziereFSep 177:30GT$12/6 kids
Jimmie Vaughan & Ruth BrownFSep 178:00MW$38/32/26
Noche de MariachiSaSep 187:00MW$50/35/25
Bill CosbySuSep 193:00MW$55/50/45
Bill CosbySuSep 198:00MW$55/50/45
Peter, Paul & MaryFSep 248:00GT $225/65/50
Dr. John/Rod Piazza & Candye Kane SaSep 257:00MW$48/42/36
John Lee Hooker, Coco Taylor & W. C. ClarkSuSep 267:00MW$48/42/36
George WinstonWSep 297:30CH$32
George WinstonThSep 307:30CH$32

George WinstonFOct 18:00CH$32
Mozart, Monsters & MatisseSuOct 31:30CH$12/6 kids
Tannahill WeaversThOct 77:30CH$26
Nadja Solerno-SonnenbergSuOct 107:30GT$45/40/35
Swing FeverThOct 147:30CH$25
1000 CranesSaOct 1611/1CH$12/6 kids
International Guitar NightWOct 207:30CH$30
Guarneri String QuartetFOct 228:00CH$42

Poncho SanchezThNov 47:30CH$25
A Cappella ShowcaseFNov 58:00CH$26
Masters of Steel GuitarThNov 117:30CH$27.50
Hansel and GretelSuNov 144:00CH$12/6 kids
Elliot FiskSuNov 147:30CH$26
Charlotte's WebSuNov 2111/1CH$12/6 kids

LA Guitar QuartetWDec 17:30CH$32
A Christmas CarolSaDec 411/1CH$15/7.50 kids
Cashore MarionettesSuDec 51:30:00CH$12/6 kids
Beauty & The BeastSaDec 1111/1CH$15/7.50 kids

Ivo PogorelichSaJan 298:00CH$75/60
Anonymous 4ThFeb 177:30CH$35
Lazer VaudevilleThMar 27:30CH$15/7.50 kids
Lazer VaudevilleFMar 38:00CH$15/7.50 kids
English Concert w/PinnockTuMar 147:30CH$75/60
Beaux Arts TrioTuMar 217:30CH$42
Philippe EntremontFMar 248:00CH$50
Spaulding GrayThApr 137:30CH$27.50
Spaulding GrayFApr 148:00CH$27.50
Gil ShahamThApr 277:30CH$65/55

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