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This Week
March 14-20, 1996

Serves You Right: A waitress lives
in the drop zone between a rocky
table and a hard night, especially
when she's egged on by a lunatic
customer or a demeaning boss.
But she'll keep her dignity, and
smile as if she's got the best
customers in the world. Sometimes,
Ami Chen Mills writes, it's even true. Writer Andrew Pham rates a career waitress in a roadside diner right up there with mom and banana cream pie.

Citizens Arcane: What if there were no taxes, no DMV and no stinking badges? What if the government was just a bunch of pretenders and phonies illegally depriving Christians of their God-given rights? The Sovereign Citizens would say they told you so.

Public Eye: Lani Guinier disses Clinton and suggests a lottery to solve affirmative action woes; a turf battle over political signs sparks a war of wits.

Polis Report: The NetDay hypefest connected schools and golfers.

Arts & Entertainment
A Prairie Home Invasion: The Coen brothers look beneath the flat, snowy surface of Fargo to find the moral heart of plains people.

Fishing for Trouble: A young Iranian girl sets her heart of a prize goldfish in The White Balloon.

Star-Crossed Lust: Italian talent scout scams for beauty in The Star Maker.

Out and About: The Celluloid Closet opens a door on gays and lesbians in Hollywood.

Knowing the Lingo: Two new Latino hip-hop CDs rock the house.

Tired Velvet: Long past his prime, Lou Reed succumbs to his own self-image.

Sharp as Nails: Stabbing Westward feels the deep cut of love.

Strung Up: New Century Chamber Orchestra fiddles around.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Adam Sandler, Pennywise, and the Pee Chees.

Beat Street: Love and Rockets blasts off at the Edge.

Words from Wounded Knee: Native American activist Dennis Banks speaks at DeAnza College.

Long Train: Theaterworks rolls into town with a powerful civil-rights era drama.

The God of Comics: Osamu Tezuka reigns in war and peace.

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