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[whitespace] Don't Earn It, Marry It!

By Mary Spicuzza

Gold-digging girls needn't get their garter belts in a twist just because television bigwigs pulled Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire? off the air after only one episode. The quest for the sugar daddy is a time-honored tradition, and plenty of resources exist for material girls.

Experts like Lisa Johnson, author of How to Snare a Millionaire, and Susan Wright, whose How to Marry Money: The Rich Have to Marry Someone--Why Not You has gotten rave reviews, pack Amazon.com with how-to books devoted to meeting sugar daddies and wrapping them tightly around soon-to-be-bejeweled fingers.

For those willing to go public with their search, the Learning Annex (www.thelearningannex.com)--an alternative adult-education organization featuring classes ranging from hands-on healing to profiting from the online porn industry--is the place to turn.

In May, author Ginie Sayles begins teaching her eagerly awaited class, Marrying Rich, at the annex's San Francisco branch. Sayles, a single welfare-mother turned money-marrying entrepreneur, specializes in sharing the secrets of her success in tying the knot with that perfect seven-figure bank account. Tips include combing the obituaries to see when a rich spouse dies (then waiting six months to arrange a meeting), tailgating cute men driving expensive cars, moving to a wealthy neighborhood and throwing a benefit for a cause popular with the rich.


Streamlined Living: Pare down and live simply.

Put Up Yer Dukes: Don't get mad, get even.

Cruising: Transit made simple.

Soul Relief: Free your inner self.

Get in on the Gold Rush: Grab a fistful of cash and join the party.

Domestic Bliss: Make your house into a home.
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From the March 16-22, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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