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This Week
March 21-27, 1996

Smoke on the Water:
Freshly grown from the garlic
fields and outlet malls of Gilroy,
Salmon wins a fervent following
with a fury of rap and rock.
The band talks about life on the
edge of the frying pan and the fire.

Election Special
It's Pat!: An interview with this decade's weirdest working-class hero.

Ballot Stuff: A local run through City Council, State Senate and Assembly races.

The Lacking Initiatives: Lions and lawyers and earthquakes, oh my!

Here, Kitty: Prop. 197, the mountain lion initiative, has fur flying between trophy hunters and environmentalists, and a big-game hunter explains the thrill of the chase to writer Ami Chen Mills.

Kaiser's Rx RIP: The granddaddy of HMOs may consolidate and leave Santa Teresa a far drive from a hospital.

Public Eye: A frilly underwear scandal lands San Jose's Fairmont Hotel on the supermarket tabloid map.

Polis Report: Take a hard right.

Arts & Entertainment
Cinematic Rays: In The Apu Trilogy, Indian director Satyajit Ray induces us to love life while spelling out clearly the price of such a love.

Muslim Eros: A Tunisian boy takes a peek behind the veil in Halfaouine.

Remake Wrongs: Diabolique is a half- hearted revision of the original French thriller.

Spanish Flower: A more refined Pedro Almodovar styles Flower of My Secret into a smart date movie.

Echoing Pain: Love hurts--just ask Echobelly.

Back in Black: Tempered by tragedy, Patti Smith makes poetry out of rock.

Drum Thing Special: An unbroken beat connects African percussionists Olatunji and Babatunde.

Devoted Diva: Yolanda Adams spreads the pop gospel.

Beat Street: Riot grrrls, De La Soul, and a free Tibet concert.

Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves: San Jose Rep plays with the Rosensweig women.

Rare Treat: Menlo Park's Carpaccio satisfies with its freshly prepared Italian recipes.

Bargain Bites: Hawaiian soul food served up in Los Gatos at Bentos California.

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