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The outdoor tent at Bennigan's rocked all night on St. Patrick's Day

By Sarah Quelland

THE HOTTEST SHOW of the week was held at Bennigan's of all places. Powercordes Entertainment put together a huge St. Patrick's Day bash last Friday (March 17) with Salmon, Venus Bleeding and Swarm performing underneath a huge canopy tent outside the bar and grill. Salmon kicked off the night in fine form. The outdoor acoustics gave every band a really clean sound, and the vocals came through loud and clear. Venus Bleeding was up next. This artful five-piece from the East Bay is really intriguing. Led by Angelique Gibbons, whose powerful vocals suggest a cross between Blondie's Debbie Harry and Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick, this band's most distinctive trick is the significant addition of the electric violin (played by Jen Slatten). The instrument adds a unique element to their serious brand of New Wave- and punk-tinged rock. Swarm headlined the three-band night, and its set went on forever, a real treat since the San Francisco-based band rarely gets down this way. Frontman Mark Osegueda repeatedly announced, "We're a rock band." Swarm was born from the ashes of Death Angel, a celebrated thrash band from San Francisco, and features Osegueda on vocals, Rob Cavestany on guitar, Andy Galeon on drums and Michael Isaiah on bass--and they are, in fact, a rock band. Swarm lives in the tradition of rock-metal bands like Aerosmith and the Cult with its flashy, flamboyant frontman and screaming vocals. Despite the high-caliber lineup of the night, the bands did seem out of their element in the parking lot--I'd almost equate it with seeing Marilyn Manson at a state fair--but they didn't let the crowd's hesitation or tendency to hang out on the borders of the tent stop them. The bands gave quality performances and surely won over a few new fans.

The Usual hosted a local metal night last Tuesday (March 14) with Broken Vision, Mr. Roper and Spitkiss. Spitkiss debuted two new songs that show a musical progression for the band, which has cultivated its own distinctive sound. Spitkiss has long been lumped into the Gothic realm, but that label doesn't suit it at all. Describing itself as tech metal, Spitkiss is finally starting to take charge of its image and its sound, moving into the neo-industrial metal vein that displays none of the misery or frail apathy so common in the Goth scene.

This Sunday (March 26), Fuel hosts a screening of Fruit of the Vine, a documentary shot entirely on Super 8 film about skateboarding in empty backyard pools. The film includes footage and interviews with Tony Alva, Pete the Ox, Royce Nelson, Steve Alba, Tony Farmer, Lance Mountain and others; locations include Salbaland, the Salton Sea pools and the Gonzales pool; the soundtrack includes music from Bad Religion, the Loudmouths, Fitz of Depression and Clay Wheels. Clay Wheels perform. ... Not Hot and Moodfrye join the Mr. T Experience and Groovie Ghoulies at the Cactus Club Friday (March 24). This will be one of Not Hot's last shows. The gang's planning a blow-out good-bye party that will probably be held in June. Moodfrye is offering free CDs to the first 50 people who visit its merch booth.

Burning Man 2000 ignites the first Flambé Lounge March 25, 9pm-2am at 50 Oak St. (at Van Ness) in San Francisco. This year's Burning Man theme is "embodiment." and the first in the Flambé bodypARTS trilogy celebrates the headdress. Attire should relate to the head, intellect, mental creativity, consciousness, subconsciousness and other matters of the noggin. Email [email protected] or call 415.TO.FLAME for more information--21+ only. ... Korn fans who attended the March 3 show at the Oakland Arena were lucky they caught the band intact. Apparently, drummer David Silveria is suffering from what's being described as complete wrist failure and cannot complete the tour. Ex-Faith No More member Mike Bordin is filling in.

PLAN AHEAD: Angeles Del Inferno, Caradura and Lodo y Asfalto, March 23 at the Cactus Club; Lonely Kings, March 24 at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz; Boy Kicks Girl, March 25 at the Fishbowl in Sunnyvale; Sebadoh, March 25 at Bimbo's in San Francisco; A.F.I., March 26 at the Vet's Hall in Santa Cruz; Incubus, March 28 at the Fillmore in San Francisco; the Flaming Lips and Looper, March 28 at Maritime Hall in San Francisco; Sugar Ray, April 2 at Paramount's Great America; the Donnas and Groovie Ghoulies, April 7 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

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From the March 23-29, 2000 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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