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This Week
March 28-April 3, 1996

Looking to the Eats:
Look, up in the sky,
it's a fashion designer,
it's a San Jose vegetarian-
restaurant owner, it's a
jet-setting messiah! No, it's
Supreme Master Ching Hai,
whose cult of borrowed religious
doctrines, instant gratification and materialism have struck a chord among thousands of Asian immigrants. On a rare visit to the area last weekend, she talked with Metro reporter Rafer Guzman, and told him the money comes from God.

Rough Riders: What do you get when you put 1,770,000 pounds of dirt, a couple of trailers worth of bucking broncos and a bunch of diehard cowboys in the San Jose Arena? A rodeo, complete with animal-rights protesters out front and a bunch of injured people inside.

Public Eye: Partying on with the haves and have-nots after the Santa Clara County races.

Polis Report: This just out--cellular phones cause accidents.

DeCinzo Cartoon: Party animals celebrate election results.

Arts & Entertainment
Phone Sex Sucks: Spike Lee's attempt at sassy sex comedy falls short.

All Aboard: Chungking Express eschews violence in order to bring Hong Kong movies to a new audience.

Not Just Another Pretty Face: A quarter century after he anticipated punk, Iggy Pop stays on top.

Sun Drumming: San Jose Taiko's annual spring concerts signal the end of winter's long hibernation.

Conduction Junction: A contemporary jazz master shares his personal vision of "conduction," or conducted improvisation.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Under Da Influence, Penelope Houston, Face Plant and Madface.

Beat Street: The Mystik Journeymen step up to another level; Radio Free San Jose turns on without permission.

unCertain hiStories: Consuelo Underwood weaves her way across metaphorical borders at the San Jose Center for Latino Arts.

CD-ROMS With a View: From the stars of the silver screen to the fight for basic human rights, these new CD-ROMs may be worth buying.

The Eyes of a Ranger: In Walker, Texas Ranger, conservative action hero and real-life Republican Chuck Norris turns into an icon of liberalism before our very eyes.

Inca Inclinations: Christina Waters excavates Inca Gardens, a new eatery offering popular dishes from Peru and South America.

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