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Beat Street
By Todd S. Inoue

[whitespace] The Hi-Fives
George Sakkestad

Count Shout: The Hi-Fives in action at last year's SFMX; they play this year at Toon's.

SFMX4 Is the Word:
They go together like ramalama ...

LOCAL BANDS are getting jiggy wid' it. It's good to know that all the South First Music Experience bands either have new CDs out or are about to release/record them. Here's a tipsheet for the SFMX4. The show is Thursday, April 9. Tickets go on sale at 7:30pm outside the Usual and the music starts at 8:30pm. All proceeds benefit the Metro Foundation, our charitable organization.

Agenda Lounge

Dub Nation: The Bay Area's top- ranking reggae artists, fresh from a headlining show at the Fillmore. Their new CD, Let the Truth Be Known, should hit the shelves next week. (10:15pm)

Tom, Dick and Harry: A blindingly bright San Francisco soul group with a jones for British pop (Housemartins, Style Council). They play a brilliant version of "Float On." New album out now. (9:20pm)

New Sun Born: Uplifting Santa Cruz vibe collective spinning the best in jazz and hip-hop. Emcees Max Track and Soul Professor do like Stockton and Malone, executing rhythmic give-and-go's. Fans of Alphabet Soup, the Roots and Dizzybam should ch-ch-check it out. (8:30pm)

Soul Massive: DJs Julius Papp and King Solomon spin the fat tracks when the bands are done. Underground hip-hop in the Agenda Cellar.

The Usual

Monkey: Traditional ska laced with Latin and Brazilian rhythms. Its new CD, ¡Changito!, is rocking the spot of ska fans everywhere. (10:15pm)

Slow Gherkin: Back from a whirlwind tour of the United States, the Santa Cruz ska band can ascend to that other level. (9:10pm)

IBOPA: Freaky, carnival-esque jazz disco pop with a demented twist. Singer Jaime Stewart will be doing double duty tonight as bassist for Korea Girl. (8:30pm)

Velvet Shop: DJs M3 and Mark Johns spin funky house, jungle and drum 'n' bass after the last band.

Toon's (on Second St. and Santa Clara)

The Hi-Fives: Four gallant men in vintage suits playing endlessly catchy garage rock & roll. The band enters the studio in June to record its follow- up to the lovelorn Lookout! release And a Whole Lotta You! (10:15pm)

Korea Girl: Achingly beautiful indie pop in the vein of Seam, Pavement and Velocity Girl. (9:20pm)

The Orange Peels: Delicious, crystalline pop music from Allen Clapp. Recently featured in CMJ and Option, the quartet records for Minty Fresh, the home of the Cardigans and Papas Fritas. (8:30pm)

Cactus Club

Salmon: The Gilroy rap-rock favorite has played every SFMX, last headlining the 1996 fest. (11:30pm)

Tribal Disco Noise: Influenced by KORN and Faith No More, TDN eats bands like The Wallflowers for breakfast. Aggressive, crushing songs with huge industrial bottom end and ethereal keyboard interludes. (10:30pm)

Soda: Speedy pop punk with melodies. That new guitarist swings a heavy axe. (9:50pm)

Concerning Eye: Blistering emo-punk in the Husker Du way. Heavy and brain-numbing, Concerning Eye is onto something. (9:10pm)

Stunt Monkey: The band has its onstage rap down, that's for sure. Stunt Monkey does jumpy pop and incorporates lots of props and giveaways. Come early. (8:30pm)

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From the April 2-8, 1998 issue of Metro.

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