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This Week
April 4-10, 1996

Soul Man: Living under the tight
rein of the People's Republic of
China while its spiritual leader,
the Dalai Lama, is in exile,
Tibet is a country of
conflicted identity.

Kids in Jail: Riding a wave of public outrage over violent crime, the governor wants to throw the book at kids, even though no one can demonstrate that it works.

Public Eye: Naming names at the Children's Shelter, oops for some big-name political contributors and just the facts, please, on those slushy funds.

Polis Report: Getting down in downtown San Jose.

Arts & Entertainment
South Bay This Week

Marriage Farce: Cher and Chazz Palminteri wrestle with fate and love in Faithful.

Still Crazy: Ben Stiller pursues a foolish goal with the seriousness of a dreamquest in Flirting With Disaster.

Major Mess: Steve Martin contains his disgust in Sgt. Bilko.

South by South First: Salmon, Clubberlang, Congo Square and the Ronnie Bauer Experience highlight this year's benefit South First Music Experience.

Fresh Young Jazz: Sasha Dobson celebrated her 17th birthday with a stylish performance at San Jose's Garden City.

Home Abroad: The rhythms of South America pulse in the music of Palo Alto's Claudia Gómez.

Préludes on My Mind: The SJ Symphony's popularized melodies are hard to shake, even the morning after.

Beat Street: Fugee frontier, Sunday hip-hop, and the Usual's Groove night.

Come Together: Local artists present a sampler of what can result when they turn the creative process into a way of connecting.

Should This Marriage Be Saved?: TheatreWorks brings the romantic comedy Wrong for Each Other to life.

History's Eco: Umberto Eco spins a tale of time in The Island of the Day Before.

Appetizing Agenda: Agenda adds another slick of sophistication to the emerging South First Street landscape.

Vegging Out: Downtown San Jose's White Lotus serves up a spice-laden gamut of meatless and eggless dishes.

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