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A Night on South First Street

Soul Juice: Supersauce convenes at the Usual at 10pm.

From the In-Citers to Salmon, a complete schedule of SFMX2 events for April 11

By Todd S. Inoue

399 S. First St., San Jose

In-Citers: Scooter boys and scooter girls risk creasing their Fred Perry and Sta-Prest shirts when this Northern Soul orchestra winds up. A full brass section, three impeccable backup singers, vintage clothing--the In-Citers are one of a kind. 9:30pm.

Dizzybam: Jazz and hip-hop flow freely through the veins of this East Bay combo, making Dizzybam one of the most reliable crowd movers since the invention of the escalator. 10:15pm.

Congo Square: 11:30pm.

The Usual
400 S. First St., San Jose

Willies Conception: Made up of members from the Brownies and Dutch Courage, Willies Conception creates a psycho groove that is "tribal." Reggae, ska, hip-hop and Afro-Latin are the key ingredients. 9pm.

Supersauce: With soul and funk and a soaring lead vocalist as its high cards, Supersauce likes to make heads bob and hips groove. 10pm.

Clubberlang: 11pm.

DJ King Raffi: The best in '70s-'80s funk and soul all night.

Cactus Club
417 S. First St., San Jose

4-Banger: Rocket-fueled punk pop with an appealing surf-guitar undertow. 9pm.

The Ronnie Bauer Experience: 9:45pm.

Monkey: Monkey worships the Skatalites, and it shows in the band's bouncy, old-school island riddims. The brass section--alto and tenor sax, and trombone--is embellished with a fluegelhorn. 10:30pm.

Soda: One of the finest, tightest punk pop acts spawned in San Jose in years. Bright and expressive singer Meegan Goad mugs and duck walks across stage, free of the trendy self-immolation that plagues many wannabe rock stars. 11:15pm.

Salmon: The beat freaks from Gilroy plug into Helmet and hit stages like a canister of tear gas. Flourished With Candies is the best local CD to come out of the South Bay this year. Period. Midnight.

In addition to the music, South First Billiards, 420 S. First St., will offer half-price pool with the purchase of a ticket. Tickets are $10 all bands/all clubs (21 years and older). Advance $8 tickets (or $5 for one club) can be purchased at Streetlight Records, 980 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose. On the day of the event, tickets can be purchased starting at 8pm at the Usual.

The proceeds go to benefit the Metro Community Fund, including the Second Harvest Food Bank, Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence, YWCA Child Assault Prevention Program, Meals on Wheel, Aris Project, Live Oak Nutrition Center, the Spark Foundation and A Place for Teens. For more information, call 408/298-8000, ext. 444.

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From the April 4-10, 1996 issue of Metro

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