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I.B.O.P.A. Takes a Bath

[whitespace] Locals get signed to Spongebath Records

By Sarah Quelland

OUTSTANDING NEWS on the local front: Although the band's not making an official announcement just yet, I.B.O.P.A. has landed a record deal with Spongebath Records, a subsidiary of Elektra Records, based in Tennessee. According to I.B.O.P.A.'s Jamie Stewart, three seven-inchers, a retrospective CD and other goodies are on their way. Distribution is slated to begin in Europe and Japan this summer and hit America by this fall. Congratulations.

Jay Filichia, bassist for Chapter 11, tells us that Tony Sly, Matt Riddle and Rory Koff from No Use for a Name, whose last three albums came out on the Fat Wreck Chords label, turned out for the Jalopy Taco Stand, Outtaline, Concerning Eye show at the Usual March 30. It's nice to see them supporting the local bands when they could have checked out the Offspring show at the Event Center that night--particularly since JTS just broke up and that may have been its last show. As of Monday's deadline, there's no word if the band will do a final farewell blowout at the South First Music Experience this Thursday (April 8). If not, another local band will fill the closing slot at the Cactus Club. Call Metro's SFMX5 hotline at 408/298-8000, ext. 433, for updates.

April 3 was a busy day for local acts Swerver and Sketch, because both bands double-booked. Swerver spent part of the day performing in the rain at the Daly City chapter of the Hell's Angels Clubhouse in East Palo Alto during a blood drive and fundraiser for the Champ Camp (which sends burn-victim children to camp) before heading over for a set at the Quarter Note. Sketch took the stage at the Quarter Note early, using Stepchild's (who also performed that night) equipment, then raced up to the Cocodrie in San Francisco for a midnight gig. Both bands were in rare form. Sketch vocalist Simon Woodstock jumped and stumbled all over the stage with more energy than usual, even perching on bassist Big D's shoulders at one point. The guys in Swerver were in a good mood too and teased the crowd with the intro of glam-rock band Poison's hit "Talk Dirty to Me." Speaking of Poison, word is that a glam-style arena tour is in the works for this summer, tentatively set to feature Poison, Cinderella, Warrant, Ratt and Dokken (with Reb Beach on guitar). ... Korn comes to the Oakland Arena with Rob Zombie and Videodrone on April 13. A local angle: Videodrone, formerly Cradle of Thorns, thanks late local favorites Salmon in its liner notes. ... Don't miss the SFMX5 tonight. See page 31 for set-times and more information.

PLAN AHEAD: SFMX5, April 8, at the Agenda Lounge, Cactus Club, Toon's and the Usual; Insolence, April 8, at the Edge; Salt-N-Pepa, April 10, at Palookaville in Santa Cruz; Deke Dickerson, April 14, at the Agenda Lounge; Placebo, April 15, at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco; Grand Fanali Presents a Birthday Gig, April 17, secret location; the Rolling Stones, Sugar Ray, April 19-20, at the San Jose Arena. Catch SFMX5 Cactus Club headliners Papa Roach April 8, 3:30-5pm on KSJS, 90.5FM with DJ Helder Skelter.

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From the April 8-14, 1999 issue of Metro.

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