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The South That Roared

[whitespace] Papa Roach
Trisha Leeper

Cactus Power: Papa Roach bassist Jerry Horton (left) brings a tremendous amount of power and energy to the band's live performances.

Four clubs, no waiting at fifth-annual South First Music Experience

By Sarah Quelland

THE SOUTH FIRST MUSIC Experience--Metro's fifth-annual multivenue benefit concert--takes place tonight (April 8). All proceeds benefit the Metro Foundation, which contributes to the Second Harvest Food Bank, Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence, Live Oak Nutrition Center, ARIS and A Place for Teens.

Part of the beauty of this charitable event is that for $10, it's possible to roam in and out of four downtown San Jose clubs (the Agenda Lounge, the Cactus Club, Toon's and the Usual) and check out any of the 16 bands that are generously donating their time for the night. Clubhoppers, pay close attention. The following are the scheduled set times so you can plan your night accordingly.

SFMX5 starts early this year with the first band, Kao Tao, kicking things off at Toon's at 7:30pm. Somebody had to be first, and this progressive modern rock trio bravely agreed. Following Kao Tao is the moodily atmospheric rock of RetroMotive (8:15-8:45pm), the rootsy rock of Dear Liza (9-9:30pm) and the edgy rock of headliners the Recruits (9:45-10:30pm).

Upbeat punk-pop trio Stunt Monkey kicks off the night at the Usual at 8:15pm, followed by the jingle-jangle pop rock of Oranger (9-9:45pm) and the entertaining I.B.O.P.A., whose spastic, eclectic music defies categorization (10-10:45pm).

The Cactus Club is another early starter with punk band Outtaline (featuring former members of Soda) taking the stage at 8:20pm, followed by gutsy rockers Swerver (9:05-9:35pm), heavy industrial-style metal band Spitkiss (9:50-10:20), hard-hitting rock act Tribal Disco Noise (10:35-11:05pm) and energetic hip-hop rock with Papa Roach (11:20-11:50pm). Jalopy Taco Stand was scheduled to close this show, but the band broke up last week. As of Tuesday's deadline there's no word on whether they'll do one final farewell. Call the SFMX5 hotline at 408/298-8000, ext. 433, for updates on the closing act.

Texas Border Radio heats up the night at Agenda Lounge at 8:30pm followed by rockabilly with the Chop Tops (9:45-10:30pm) and swing with Hot Town Jubilee (11pm until they decide to call it a night).

The SFMX takes place Thursday (April 8). Tickets ($10 for access to all four clubs/$5 for access to one) are available in front of the Usual at 400 S. First Street, San Jose. The Cactus Club is 16+; all other clubs are 21+.

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From the April 8-14, 1999 issue of Metro.

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