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Power Luncher

Mayor Susan Hammer

Local Dining: $2,401.66 (Ranking: 1st)
Travel: $4,942.14 (Ranking: 5th)

  • She and hubby Phil (who paid his own way) flew overseas in the summer of '95 to spend a week in San Jose's sister city of Dublin, Ireland. The listed purpose of the junket was "economic development and relationship building"--presumably between San Jose and Dublin and not the mayoral first couple. The second leg of their trip, to England, was a private vacation the Hammers personally paid for.

  • Before and after council meetings, the mayor can be spotted with her council entourage--the Hammer Girls--at fine eateries such as Eight Forty North First, Sorrento's or Scott's Seafood Grill. At one "lunch meeting" the group--composed of the mayor, Margie Fernandes, Alice Woody, Charlotte Powers and Trixie Johnson--ran up a $132 tab. They began their meal with two coffees and three glasses of Mt. Eden wine. Passing over the cheaper house pasta plate, most of them opted for the pricier dishes: risotto, filleted prawns and two orders of swordfish. An interesting sidelight: All the Hammer Girls gatherings come perilously close to Brown Act violations. Any time a quorum of a legislative body meets--six, in the case of the San Jose City Council--the public must be formally notified and an agenda created. In this case: "Council will discuss whether they prefer the halibut or the swordfish."

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  • From the April 10-16, 1997 issue of Metro

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