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Cracklin' Rosè

Alice Woody discussed homeless issues while dining on duck.

Alice Woody

Local Dining: $2,353.69 (Ranking: 2nd)
Travel: $7,475.77 (Ranking: 3rd)

  • While discussing "homeless issues" with a housing official and an aide, Alice Woody enjoyed a $65 meal at Bella Mia that included duck. A local shelter operator estimates that a $65 donation leveraged with other donations could buy lunch for at least 36 homeless people. "I'm sure we discussed more than homeless issues," Woody says.

  • Woody treated neighborhood block captains in her district, one of whom coincidentally gave cash to her campaign, to a Neil Diamond concert at the arena and $100 worth of "seasonal fresh fruit." Woody says she didn't realize how expensive the food prices were for the free-admission city box until she got the bill. In the future, her guests will have to pay for their own food, she says.

  • Her aide charged the city $2.68 to get reimbursed for a video she listed as training material for a staff retreat. The video turned out to be The American President, a fictional Hollywood tale starring Michael Douglas. Woody says she didn't know her aide billed the city for the video and has instructed her to return the $2.68.

  • Woody spent about $2,500 to represent the mayor's aging leadership council in Israel at the second global conference held by the International Federation on Ageing [sic].

  • She spent another $650 on meals while traveling, including $163.59 on room service. Woody explains that she often works in her hotel room while she's out of town, and getting room service helps her best utilize her time and keep working.

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  • From the April 10-16, 1997 issue of Metro

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