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Here Comes the Judd

Pat Dando attended a prayer breakfast with Naomi Judd.

Pat Dando

Local Dining: $107.57 (Ranking: 10th)
Travel: $1,654.62 (Ranking: 9th)

  • While Dando did little overall in terms of dining or traveling, in November she and her aide spent $70 to hear country singer Naomi Judd give an inspirational speech at one of the YMCA's community prayer breakfasts. While she says she's a country-western listener, Dando didn't come across as a big fan of the Judds during our interview with her. "I went primarily to support the YMCA," Dando explains. "It probably wouldn't make a big difference who was speaking."

  • On her only trip, she ordered room service, including an $8.75 bacon cheeseburger, and sent the bill to taxpayers. Dando recalls that she "probably" arrived late in Washington, D.C., and room service was the only thing available. Actually, the receipt says she chowed down at 7:18pm.

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  • From the April 10-16, 1997 issue of Metro

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