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Free Wheelin'

Manny Diaz rented a green Izusu 4-wheel-drive vehicle to motor around LA.

Manny Diaz

Local Dining: $480.81 (Ranking: 7th)
Travel: $3,684.65 (Ranking: 7th)

  • For a 33-hour stay at a League of California Cities convention in Anaheim last year, Councilman Manny Diaz billed the city $132 to rent a green Isuzu Rodeo four-wheel drive. A saleswoman for Alamo Rent A Car quoted a $36-a-day price to rent an economy car for a couple of days in Anaheim. Diaz says he doesn't remember all the specifics of the trip, but recalls that he used the car to drive around the Los Angeles area to check out commercial developments and speak with a group in East Los Angeles. Diaz claimed he spent a few extra dollars to get valet parking at the hotel where he stayed because that was the only way to park his rental car. However, hotel records for another councilmember show that she parked her own car on the same day at a cheaper rate. When asked why he ordered $75 worth of room service during other trips, Diaz seemed to forget his Anaheim road adventures and curiously explained that while at conventions he prefers to stay "at the hotel where the conference is being held" rather than go out. Throughout the interview, Diaz repeatedly asked in an irritated voice if there were any more questions.

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  • From the April 10-16, 1997 issue of Metro

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