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Seat of Power

Frank Fiscalini upgraded his office chair.

Frank Fiscalini

Local Dining: $187.55 (Ranking: 9th)
Travel: $2,452.60 (Ranking: 8th)

  • Fiscalini bought a $450 Hunter mahogany executive chair for himself ($525 including tax and delivery). Joe Guerra, Fiscalini's chief aide, explains that his boss selected the chair from a catalog when they were replacing old office furniture inherited from Fiscalini's predecessor. Guerra describes the old office chairs as a "workers comp lawsuit waiting to happen."

  • All his travel expenses are from a one-week trip to London to interview international bond manager finalists for the city's federated retirement fund. The majority of his local meal expenses were for power lunches he had with City Manager Regina Williams. Guerra says his boss prefers to use his "friends" account, comprising private donations, to pay for his restaurant expenses. Guerra says, in fact, that Fiscalini cut a $70 check last month to reimburse the city for restaurant costs charged to his council office budget this year.

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  • From the April 10-16, 1997 issue of Metro

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