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Total Recaller

Regina Williams' estimates aren't always on the mark.

Regina Williams

Local Dining: $1,283.23 (Ranking: 3rd)
Travel: $12,024.17 (Ranking: 1st)

  • Let's hope that when handling the city's $1.2 billion budget she's better with her estimates than when estimating her travel costs for the council. A couple of her travel estimates were more than 100 percent below the actual costs of her trip. In one case, Williams told councilmembers that a trip to professional conferences being held near Washington, D.C., would cost about $1,000. She ended up spending about $2,800, according to her travel expense sheet. Williams says she probably forgot to include the conference registration fees. In fairness, most of her estimates were in the ballpark of the actual travel cost. Furthermore, she doesn't even have to give the council a cost estimate. She does it as a courtesy.

  • As the city's top executive, pulling in a cool $158,000 a year, Williams attends several professional conferences around the country each year. After one jaunt, she and Deputy City Manager Debra Figone trotted over to Eight Forty North First for a $31 lunch so the city manager could get caught up on what happened during her absence.

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  • From the April 10-16, 1997 issue of Metro

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