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Yahoo! All Over

The Yahoo! Initial Public Offering
The day after Metro broke its cover story on Yahoo!, the firm went public at a price that valued the company at day's end at $848 million.

Was it worth that much? Read the Yahoo! prospectus and judge for yourself. (Bypass the legal disclaimer at your own risk.) In it, you'll see how much stock these boys own and the company's 1995 financial statement.

Silicon Valley's Newest Celebrities, Jerry and David, were profiled in:
People Magazine
New York Times
Upstart magazine and Jerry Yang Q&A
Sun Microsystem's online magazine

Other Yahoo! approved stories

A whole list of them are on Yahoo!'s own site.

But the real coup was making the cover of Wired magazine, unless you count Metro.

How good is Yahoo?

See what c|net said in its review.

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