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No Rain Delay

[whitespace] Wet weather failed to dampen spirits at last Thursday's SFMX

By Sarah Quelland

ALTHOUGH THE WEATHER was not conducive--Mother Nature delivered icy air, rain, hail and even snow throughout most of the day--this year's Metro-sponsored South First Music Experience benefit went off largely without a hitch. We'd like to thank everyone who braved the elements to support the bands and to help raise money for the Metro Foundation. Thanks to Agenda Lounge, the Cactus Club, Toon's and the Usual for donating the space for the night--and to our sponsors, Streetlight Records, LIVE-105 and Budweiser. We'd also like to give a tremendous thanks to all the bands who participated in this charity event, with a special nod to Eric Fanali of Grand Fanali Presents for booking Stunt Monkey, Oranger and I.B.O.P.A. at the Usual and to Spitkiss vocalist Adam Bannister for generously loaning his gear to Cactus for the night to help keep the changeover time down and to Jalopy Taco Stand for giving one last-blast performance after breaking up.

In other news, expect new material from Tribal Disco Noise and the Chums soon. Tribal spent last Saturday in the studio with Rees Roberts recording new material and figures to have a six-song EP out as soon as May. The Chums are currently remastering material and, according to manager Gary Avila, plan to have a 12-song CD ready by next month as well. RetroMotive, which was scheduled to perform at SFMX5, had good reason to cancel: at the last minute, the group got word that it had to fly down to L.A. that evening for some band-related business meetings (there may be good news soon on that get-together). It looks like we may see some South Bay bands on the second stage at LIVE-105's annual BFD concert this summer at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

It's getting close to time to bid a fond farewell to the Edge's assistant booker, Michael Sullivan (affectionately known as Sully). After 10 years of dedication to the local music scene, Sully's heading out to Michigan for a change of scenery. His final gift to the South Bay: a massive concert at the Edge featuring a CD-release party with Dredg, along with I.B.O.P.A., Stunt Monkey, the Forgotten, Nein, Amazon Mollies, Crash Landing and Swerver. Edge booker Jimmy Arceneaux is the guitarist and vocalist for heavy trio Swerver, and to make the night even more sentimental (bring your Kleenex), Sully's Last Ride! is being held April 29, which happens to be Swerver's two-year anniversary. Sully first booked them at Agenda Lounge on April 29, 1997.

PLAN AHEAD: Placebo, April 15 at Maritime Hall; Tito and Tarantula and the Chums, April 18 at the Edge; Ozomatli, April 18 at the Usual; Old Time Relijun, April 19 at UC-Santa Cruz; the Rolling Stones, April 19-20 at the San Jose Arena; Storm & Her Dirty Mouth and the Chums, April 23 at the Fillmore; Outtaline, April 23 at the Campbell Community Center; Hootenanny Tour, April 23 at Palookaville; Slow Gherkin, April 23 at the Cactus Club.

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From the April 15-21, 1999 issue of Metro.

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