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Club Life

Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge
99 San Fernando St., San Jose; 408.998.9998

Hours: Tue-Sun 11:30am-3pm, 5pm-late
Amenities: Lunch and dinner until late, DJs, top-shelf bar
Ambience: Sexy, sophisticated, stylish upscale supper club

A FEW DAYS before the official launch, Fahrenheit's Danny Chu doesn't appear haggard from logistics overload. The executive chef is handsomely coifed, neatly shaved and overflowing with positive thoughts on the new downtown night spot he co-manages with investors Chris Fenton and Eric Akraga.

"We want to bring a change," he says. "We don't feel like we're part of downtown. We want to bring an upscale environment. Our slogan is 'sexy, sophisticated, stylish.'"

Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge, located under the 33 S. Third luxury apartment building, near SJSU and the Rep, took over the vacant space, and everything is in place—which may explain Chu's mood. It's been a three-year process from concept to execution, and the care is there. Chu describes the interior as "classic modern" with warm colors, granite bar tops and sumptuous couches. The modern component comes in the color-changing ceiling lighting, multitiered seating and an emphasis on rounded motifs, including a circular dance floor. At 4,000 square feet, Fahrenheit is open and spacious without sacrificing intimacy.

Chu comes from a family of restaurateurs. He worked at Rockridge's Nan Yang and San Francisco's Nirvana and Roe/Prive. He describes Fahrenheit's cuisine as "modern global," with Southeast Asia influences. A sample of the small-plate menu includes ginger-poached chicken, grilled satays, samosas, Mandalay beef with roti, jumbo prawns a la plancha and asparagus steak roll. The specialty drinks are similarly exotic: a Thai chile and lemon grass martini and a cucumber rose cosmo.

All these elements are in place to create an ambience similar to swank supper clubs in Miami, New York or Las Vegas right here in downtown San Jose. "We're not a nightclub," Chu emphasizes. "We're a restaurant with a world-class menu first, and a lounge second. Sexy, sophisticated, stylish." And it's hard to argue.

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From the April 20-27, 2005 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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