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Name That Grad

[whitespace] school photo A: 1956 grad, real estate developer who built headquarters for both Apple and Netscape.

school photo B: 1958 grad, founder of Heritage Bank.

school photo C: 1963 grad, real estate developer specializing in strip malls.

school photo D: 1970 grad, towering inferno on the county Board of Supervisors.

school photo E: 1980 grad, rules at San Jose City Hall.

school photo F: 1963 grad, former politician, downtown landowner, filmmaker.

school photo G: 1986 grad, son of crimefighter, deputy DA.

school photo H: 1980 grad, master of money and politics at 801 N. First.

school photo I: 1956 grad, sentenced the killer of Polly Klaas.

school photo J: 1983 grad, ran for council, federal prosecutor.

school photo K: 1950 grad, self-esteem, public safety legislator.

school photo L: 1961 grad, real estate developer, Lincoln Properties, Legacy Partners.

school photo M: 1980 grad, deputy DA, historic preservation activist, descendant of old San Jose family.

school photo N: 1957 grad, heir to fruit-packing fortune; family owns Holiday Inn, various banks.

school photo O: 1961 grad, dump owner, developer and major contributor to local political campaigns.

school photo P: 1961 grad, builder who developed a golf course on an ancient Ohlone site.

school photo Q: 1956 grad, prosperous land-use lobbyist whose clients include Gibson-Speno, IBM and Home Depot.


A: John Sobrato

B: Bill DelBiaggio

C: Don Imwalle

D: Jim Beall

E: Jude Barry

F: Tom McEnery

G: Chuck Gillingham Jr.

H: Joe Guerra

I: Judge Thomas Hastings

J: Tony West

K: John Vasconcellos

L: Ed Thrift

M: Paul Bernal

N: Phil DiNapoli

O: Rich Cristina

P: Rocke Garcia

Q: Norm Matteoni

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From the April 22-28, 1999 issue of Metro.

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