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Beat Street
By Todd S. Inoue

George Sakkestad

His Royal Badness: The one-time Prince took to his piano top and surveyed his realm at the Event Center last weekend.

Royalty Has Arrived:
TAFKAP takes San Jose
with him at Event Center

SEVEN THOUSAND TAFKAP fans (including a number of rat-faced ticket brokers) were crushed last week that the Artist Formerly Known As Prince had sent word that the ducats some had camped out all weekend to get were now worth face value at BASS. So it was no surprise that last weekend's hastily rescheduled San Jose State University Event Center shows were not sold out. Up until show time, one could walk up the sides of the floor and touch the guardrail.

Check out the complete review with more pictures of the Purple One.

Props Over Here

Thanks to all the bands who participated in SFMX3: The Hi-Fives, the Odd Numbers, the Aquamen, the New Mosquitos, Korea Girl, the Blue Eskimos, the Kirby Grips, the Infinite Loop, 10Bass T, Sacred Hoop, Rooster, Premiere, Crack, Sloe, Monkey, Jalopy Taco Stand, Concerning Eye and Salmon. Thanks also to all the folks who showed up; you raised $8,000 for the Metro Community Fund.

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From the April 24-30, 1997 issue of Metro

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