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Online and in line for 'Star Wars'

[whitespace] Storm & Her Dirty Mouth
Gale Force: San Francisco-based Storm & Her Dirty Mouth blew into town for a charged up performance at the Usual April 25.

Eric Fanali brings music to the masses waiting for new episode of space epic

By Sarah Quelland

TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX and Lucasfilm approved advance ticket sales for Star Wars: Episode 1--The Phantom Menace last Friday (April 23) and received a mixed reaction. Australian Star Wars fan Lincoln Gasking has received international attention for setting up camp outside Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood in order to be first in line for the first showing. Though not completely happy with the news, Gasking and his fellow standers have been assured that they will be among the first offered tickets when they go on sale May 12. Local Star Wars fanatic and independent music promoter Eric Fanali (of Grand Fanali Presents), Scott Bakalor (of local Rocky Horror Picture Show fame) and Rob (a.k.a. "the Pickle King") have been planning their own little fiesta around the long-awaited opening. A parking lot party at the Century 22 featuring acoustic performances by Bobby Joe Ebola and the Chicken MacNuggets, the Huxtables and Kaptain Karamel, costume contests, barbecues and free Yoda Soda (which, for those who aren't familiar with the bubbly beverage is the cheapest soda you can find with a Yoda sticker slapped on it) is in the works. (Visit www.searchmed.com/SWBayArea/main.shtml, www.bayareaska.com/gfp, or starwars.countingdown.com for updates.) Star Wars will be available at 777-FILM and www.movielink.com.

It's been confirmed that local pop-punk trio Stunt Monkey has been chosen by LIVE 105 to participate in this year's BFD concert held June 18 at Shoreline Amphitheatre. It's the only South Bay band presently included in the annual music festival.

Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach was on the air with KSJO's Mikey of The Mikey Show last Thursday. The hard-rock station had an exclusive on new material by Bach from his Bring 'Em Bach Alive CD. Listening to the broadcast proved that Bach is still one of the most talented vocalists in rock & roll. His album is currently being distributed at www.amazon.com.

Slow Gherkin performed new material at the Cactus Club Friday (April 23) with Products of Suburbia, the Hippos, Jeffries Fan Club and the Siren Six! The entire band--vocalist James Rickman and saxophonist Ross Peard in particular--has a tremendous amount of charisma and enthusiasm. It's no wonder the nine-piece ska band from Santa Cruz (with releases on Mike Park's Asian Man Records label) has achieved such popularity.

After a successful gig at the Fillmore on April 23, Storm & Her Dirty Mouth (which opened for Bach at the Edge last June) and the Chums, two bands that rarely play the South Bay, performed at the Usual Sunday (April 25) with Small Time Napoleons, for a disappointingly small crowd. The Chums have rocked every show I've seen them play, and Storm is amazing. Onstage, she's an absolute performer--pure sex and all woman. Major labels passing up this band are fools.

PLAN AHEAD: Sully's Last Ride!, April 29, at the Edge; Papa Roach, April 30, at the Cactus Club; Jeffries Fan Club, Pain, and Products of Suburbia, May 1, at the Fishbowl in Sunnyvale; NOFX, May 1, at Maritime Hall in San Francisco; Love and Rockets and I.B.O.P.A., May 3, at the Edge; Eve 6 and Lit, May 5, at the Fillmore in San Francisco; M.I.R.V. CD release with MCM and the Monster and ManMade God, May 7, at Slim's in San Francisco; Loveline (with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla), May 8, at Frost Amphitheater, Stanford; Natasha's Ghost, May 8, at Borders Books Los Gatos; Jello Biafra, May 8, Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto; Dredg, May 8, at the Cactus; Fundraiser for Brother Dread, May 9, at the Usual.

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From the April 29-May 5, 1999 issue of Metro.

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